Stay at Luckerstad Guesthouse

We offer a comfortable and unique alternative to tourists and business travelers that are looking to enjoy Sweden at its best.

Your stay will be in one of our beautifully furnished rooms in the manor wing of Luckerstad. All our rooms are modern and each has its private toilet and shower. In the mornings you and your friends will be served a home made breakfast which will make you preparred for a full day of activities or experiences or just a relaxing time in our picturesque surroundings.

Under the early stages of the medieval times, Luckerstad formed something similar to a small village. History tells us that at these times parts of farms were donated to different abbeys. In year 1290 when Birger Thomas became a member of the Cistercian Order he decided to donate "Lucustadha" to Saba Abbey (now Julita Abbey in mid Sweden). During the 14th century parts of the estate returned to private owners. Under the Reformation the abbey´s assets were confiscated by the state (king) and the estate would then belong to the Duke Karl (later King Karl IX). At the end of the 18th century Luckerstad was purchased by a rich alderman in Vadstena and since it´s been privately owned. The estate underwent a major change in year 1866 when a large manor house with two wings were constructed. Luckerstad has been in our family since.

Now we are running a modern farm without animals. Except a few sheep/lambs during summer and a shy cat called "Sotis". There are plenty of wild animals around, mainly roe deers and hares. Under certain weeks in Spring and Fall you will see huge numbers of cranes and geese moving between lake Vättern and lake Tåkern. 

The norht manor wing was rebuilt into a guest house in year 2004 with five rooms, each with private toilet and shower. The north wing was earlier used as storage of grains and distillery. Because of the goods of high value, all windows had bars and we have kept the bars on two windows on the ground floor to remind us of the heritage. In 2005 we were happy to have our first guests arrive and we are so happy to have had the pleasure to welcome people from across the globe to Luckerstad.

In 2015 we renovated the old wash house opposite to the guest house and transformed it into our Orangerie. This is where breakfast is served each morning and where we also are able to host conferences and parties.

AnnCharlotte Agerhem